Santa claus in the 21st century: Christmas Bonus

By: Mtro. Federico Anaya Ojeda - August 2008 -

How could I let my son know that this Christmas instead of toys he will be given principles?. How could I let my son know that this Christmas instead of toys he will be given principles?

- Why would you give me principles? He will ask amazed.

Because people do not know what Christmas means anymore. We believe that by giving material gifts we will fix the world and we wwill not. People have to understand that we cannot buy love, we earn it and that teaching principles is our main goal:

Along with marketing we have been able to sell more products and offer more services.

A lot of companies make Christmas so productive so they can survive all the year.

Because we have debased the real meaning of Christmas with disgraceful attitudes and now our guests enjoy better meals than on their birthdays.

But Santa Claus in the 21st century should be a character who will not give material gifts away, -and I do know that businessmen would like to hang me- and throughout his lessonspeople should remember what it is like to be fair, prudent,, with strong spirit and relieved. People would not be able to distinguish between good and evil without these four cardinal principles. Santa Claus should be that man, as he was originally, a saint, loving with children and giving with the needed, not a fat man, dressed in red, with a sled and reindeer. A Santa Claus for everybody, not only for the rich people, but for the poor ones and that children could love him for what he represents and not for what they get from him.

Saint Nicholas’s origins is confusing. There are people who claim he was from Turkey, others from the Netherlands. Everybody agrees that he was a saint, devoted to children and the needed ones and that he died in the 4th century on a 6th of December. The original Saint Nicholas was not fat, neither he dressed in red, on the other hand he was light and considered. One story says tha a neighbor of Saint Nicholas’s was really poor and that a daughter of his was about getting married, but the wedding was about to be canceled because there was no money for it. Saint Nicholas broke in to his neighbor’s house without being noticed and left three bags full of money by the fire place. The wedding was held and since then it is a tradition to give presents in Christmas. In time Saint Nicholas gained popularity thanks to the cartoon drawn by Thomas nast which was later used by Coca Cola for their marketing campaign adding red and white.

Some time the original idea of helping the needed was misunderstood, and now if someone is not given a present in Christmas he can get very upset.

The Christmas bonus has a similar story, which started back in times before Christ, when the first king of Rome: Romulo, was given branches of the goddess Strenia as a gesture of prosperity. And they were called Sirens, which in time turned to be more expensive gifts. Some Sirens were paid as a tribute to the monarchs or rulers and others were paid from them to their subjects as gestures of good will. The etymological origin of the word “aguinaldo” comes from the latin root HAC IN ANNO which means “in this year”. As gestures of good will it is seen in some countries that candy and mazapanes are given to family and friends.

In Mexico the Christmas bonus is a benefit that, as everybody knows, it is a law described in the 87th article of Ley Federal De Trabajo, that consists in giving the equivalent of a 15 day income to workers and that it has to be paid by December 20th of every year. Its purpose is that workers can afford all gifts brought by Santa Claus.

Article 87. Workers are entitled to an annual bonus to be paid before the day December 20, equivalent to fifteen days salary, at least. Those who have not completed year of service, whether or not they are laboring on the settlement date of the bonus shall be entitled to be paid the portion of the same, according to the time which they have worked, whatever it .

A sale is about convincing unfortunate workers that they are victims of marketing and consumerism. Santa Claus, The three wise men,, Halloween, “la calaverita”, birthdays, saints, mother’s day, father’s day, childern’s day, etc along withmarketing and businessmen have made our low salaries, and in some cases the christmas bonus to be used in order to buy presents. In December the Christmas bonus is not even enough and workers are made to use their not earned income to afford these expenses.

In the 21st century Santa Claus has to raise as a virtue symbol, of faith and charity. Leaving material things, useless buys unfortunate debts. If Santa Claus raises, we could focus on giving Christmas its original meaning and congratulate its real celebrated.

Eighth Time

Instance: Circuit Courts

Source: Judicial Weekly Gazette of the Federation

Volume: 86-2, February 1995 Page: 43 Thesis: IV.2o. J/60 Subject (s): working

AGUINALDO. IS CONTRARY TO HIS CLAIM BEFORE DECEMBER TWENTY DAY. - In accordance with Article 87 of the Federal Labor Law, the payment of bonuses to be covered before the day December 20 and consequently, the employee's right to claim arises from the next day. Therefore, if the plaintiff presents its labor demand by that date, your claim is unfounded, since not even the right to demand it generates.


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